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    At the America Standards Co.™ our goal is simple. We want everyone to enjoy high-quality American-made pencils. Nobody should have to settle for poorly made imported pencils that break, don't sharpen or erase well, and come from unknown origins.

    Our pencils are not the least expensive, but we guarantee they are the best. Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. Your purchase helps provide American manufacturing jobs.

    • Premium Quality and Comfort

      Crafted from American cedar wood with thick, break-resistant graphite cores.

    • Ideal for All Ages

      Perfect for adults with hand dexterity issues and seniors with arthritis.

    • All day comfort

      We believe getting dressed should be theeasiest part of your day.

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  • Back guarantee
  • Online support 24/7
  • 90 Days for a replacement or refund

Happy client say

Customer reviews

These were intended for children, but I prefer thicker writing implements. I imagine that people with arthritis or some gripping problem in their hands might prefer them also. I bought a very inexpensive hand pencil sharpener with holes for both standard pencils and this size - I actually think it's better than the electric sharpener which always ends up becoming a little unbalanced and not sharpening easily.

I find these much more comfortable than standard-size pencils

Made in the USA. This pencil is oversized (but not the largest pencil available). The wood grain sides are real and lacquered for a smooth feel/finish. You'll need a multi-size pencil sharpener for this pencil. The ferrule and eraser are both black, should make for a clean appearance after erasing. Definitely comfortable to hold and write with.

Made in USA with Quality

They are a great pencil! Made in the USA. I’m a carpenter and I’m always carry one with me. You can mark Wood with nice thick dark lines or light lines it’s a gray pencil!!

They make for a great carpenters pencil mark everything.
Corey Mayo